The name may suggest that it has something to do with food but CRISPR is a revolutionary technology in the field of genetic engineering. This is a technology that allows one to alter one's genome according to requirements. Well, that definitely implies many things like death of diseases and modified humans etc. But wait, is [...]

Quantum Entanglement

Quantum Entanglement is something that has raised many questions in the minds of scientists from the last century even in the minds of Einstein. What is quantum entanglement? So, here’s a very simple explanation but before we jump into it, we must know some basic concepts to understand this complex phenomenon. Spin: Quantum mechanics is [...]

Stem Cells

When a sperm and an egg fertilize they form a zygote which further develops into a blastocyst which goes on to become an embryo and the process continues to form a complete body. But, have you ever wondered how do we get the body parts like brain, limbs, heart and the neuron network etc. or [...]

Fusion Reactor

We are slowly moving towards the nuclear fuel for our energy demands. We have many fission reactors working for the same. A fission reactor is a type of reactor in which a heavy element like isotopes of uranium or thorium are bombarded with neutrons and they split into two lighter nuclei giving off energy to [...]

Unknown Planet in Solar System?

Everyone knows that we have 8 planets in our solar system after Pluto was derecognised as a planet. But some observations have pointed to the existence of some planets beyond Neptune. But, Is that even possible? Even after such advancements in the field of astronomy and related technologies is it possible that we haven’t been [...]

James Webb Space Telescope

We have heard and even used telescope here on Earth. We have heard of the large observatories in the world used for detecting the x-ray emissions, gamma ray bursts etc. But there is one unique type of telescope that not many people know of – A Space Telescope. Is that even possible? Well, it is [...]

Heart’s Brain!

We, humans, are always under constant war at the time of decision making. It’s our heart and brain that confuse us. Sometimes they go with each other and sometime against each other. This is because they have their own thinking abilities. Wait, what? Heart has its own thinking abilities is like implying that a heart [...]

Acoustic Black Hole

A mysterious object that captures even a ray of light. If you are thinking of a black hole, you got it right. But as mentioned a black hole is mysterious and that is because even the nearest black hole is millions of miles away. So, how can we study one of this without going near it? They hold a key to very important but unknown facts about the universe and its very existence. So, our scientists have found a unique method to study black holes here on Earth itself – an ACOUSTIC BLACK HOLE.